Annual General Meeting

We are pleased to announce that the Annual General Meeting for Craft Nova Scotia is scheduled for September 15, 2022, at 4:00pm, and will be held via Zoom to enable more members to participate in the meeting. 

Registration information for the AGM will be shared closer to the meeting date, and links will also be available on the website to register in advance. Once you have registered for the meeting we will forward an individual Zoom link for you to join the meeting.

Please find below the Call for Nominations for the Board of Directors and Standards Committee.

We do have some vacancies on both the Board of Directors as well as the Standards Committee and hope some of you will consider putting your name forward to help us continue with the work to reshape our organization to continue to serve and support the craft community.

Should you have any questions regarding the process please feel free to reach out to Kelly Jerrott at 

We look forward to seeing you all at the AGM in September.

Call for Nominations: Board of Directors and Standards Committee 

We encourage and welcome applications from everyone, however we are particularly interested in expanding the diversity of our Board and Standards Committee, and addressing some specific skill sets and areas of experience to help strengthen our organization. 

Through our recent Organizational Review, we identified a need to increase representation from individuals who identify as Indigenous, Black, People of Colour, and living with a disability. 

Call for Nominations: Board of Directors (4 Vacancies) 

The Board of Directors consists of 10 members in total. 

There are currently 4 vacancies identified on the Board for the upcoming year. 

In order to assist us in ensuring a balance of skill sets within the Board, members with experience and knowledge in the areas of financial management, not for profit governance, and/or fund development experience would be of particular interest.  

Please click the link below to submit your nomination: 

Deadline for Nominations:  August 5, 2022 

Call for Nominations: Standards Committee ( 2 Vacancies) 

There are a total of 6 members, in addition to the Chairperson (2nd Vice President of the Board). 

There are currently 2 vacancies on the Standards Committee. 

As per our current bylaws we are required to distribute a Call for Nominations within 60 days of the Annual General Meeting. 

It is ideal to have representation of a variety of media within the Standards Committee, we are especially seeking potential committee members with experience and technical practice in the following media: wood, leather, food/culinary, stone, and basketry. 

Please click the link below to submit your nomination: 

Deadline for Nominations:  August 5, 2022 


Nominations received will be reviewed by the newly formed Nomination and Governance Committee, and be shared with the membership. 

An Election Commission, consisting of 3 members not running for election to the Board or Standards Committee, will be struck to oversee the voting process, should more nominations be received than there are vacant positions.   

Craft Nova Scotia is a member-based organization, and we encourage you to consider being involved at the Board, Committee, or volunteer level. 

Current Bylaws: 

A copy of the Current Bylaws can be found at the following Link: 

Please note:  

Craft Nova Scotia is currently in the process of preparing proposed revisions to the Bylaws to be more in keeping with leading practices, and also incorporating input and suggestions received throughout the recent Organizational Review. 

We anticipate having Proposed Draft Revisions to the Bylaws available for Members in advance of our Annual General Meeting slated for September 15, 2022. 

 In the event that revisions have not been completed in time to undergo a legal review in advance of this year’s AGM, a Special General Meeting will be called to review and potentially approve revisions to the Bylaws for the organization.