Aestival Festival of Crafts


Thank You for your Support!

Craft Nova Scotia’s 2021/22 Aestival Festival of Crafts was held virtually on Friday, February 4, 2022. 

The generosity of the craft community did not disappoint, we were pleased to receive 117 donations from 84 members of Craft Nova Scotia. A great deal of fun was had during the two sittings for the event.

We sold 101 tickets and split the event into two sessions of 50 and 51 tickets each to allow for attendees to join us for their session only. We were able to accommodate each ticket holder’s preferred time slot, and donations surpassed the required amount, allowing us to have a silent auction in conjunction with the main event. A stand-alone webpage was created by our fabulous volunteers to host the auction, and overall, the feedback for the event was very positive. 

We are pleased to report that $8,080 in ticket revenues were raised in addition to $1081 in Auction revenues. 

50% of the Auction revenues have been allocated to the Heather Lawson Emergency Relief Fund.  

The event could not have happened without the assistance of our amazing volunteers Frank Schmidt, Monica Ragan, and Rosie Browning on the planning and technical end, as well as on the night of the event. As well as volunteers Louise Beaton and Patrick Ross for organizing and pickup after the event. Thank you as well to our Program Director, Julie Rosvall for the significant efforts allocated to the success of this event on behalf of the organization. 

Thank you for supporting Craft Nova Scotia’s programs and services through your donations, and ticket purchases and Silent Auction donations.