Jackie MacKay Library Collection

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Title Author(s) Tags Subject
Ancient America Leonard, Jonathan Norton Geography & history
Barbarian Europe Simons, Gerald Geography & History- Europe
Art in China Clunas, Craig Arts- fine & dec. arts- China
Imperial Rome Hadas, Moses Geograhy and history
Early Japan Leonard, Jonathan Norton Geography and history- Japan
Craftsman in America, The [National Geographic Society] Arts- decorative arts- handicrafts- United States
Book of Charms, The Villiers, Elizabeth
Symbols, Signs and Signets Lehner, Ernst
Jewels of the Pharaohs: Egyptian Jewellery of the Dynastic Period Aldred, Cyril Arts- plastic arts- sculpture- art metalwork- jewellery
Complete \Chinese Ornament\, The Jones, Owen Arts- plastic arts- sculpture- ceramic arts- Asia
Chinese Arts and Crafts s.n. Arts- plastic arts- Asia
Classical Greece Bowra, C.M. Geography & history- Greece
Scotland Creates: 5000 Years of Art and Design Kaplan, Wendy (ed.) Arts- fine & dec. arts- Scotland
Quilting Manual Hinson, Dolores A. Arts- textile arts- needlework & handwork- patchwork
Book of Kells, The Sullivan, Edward [desc. by] Arts- decorative arts
Drawings of Henry Moore, The Wilkinson, A.G. [introduction] Arts- drawing & dec. arts- drawing- Henry Moore
Tiffany Touch, The Purtell, Joseph Arts- plastic arts- sculpture- art metalwork- jewellery
New Dyer, The: With Colorcue Hue Analysis Guide Vinroot, Sally & Jennie Crowder Arts- textile arts- printing, painting, dyeing
Elitekey: Micmac Material Culture from 1600 A.D. to the Present Whitehead, Ruth Holmes Geography & history
New York Ashton, Dore Geography & history- New York
Ceramic Glazes Singer, Felix Arts- plastic arts- sculpture- ceramic arts- glazing
Innovative Machine Patchwork Piecing Risinger, Hettie Arts- textile arts- needlework & handwork- patchwork
Quilting Primer, The Frager, Dorothy Arts- textile arts- needlework & handwork- patchwork
Treasury of Needlecraft Gifts for the New Baby, A Laury, Jean Ray Arts- textile arts- needlework & handwork
Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady, The Holden, Edith
Peter Paul Rubens: 1577-1640 Held, Julius S. Arts- painting & paintings- Peter Paul Rubens
Art of Robert Bateman, The Derry, Ramsay Arts- painting & paintings- Robert Bateman
Language of Sculpture, The Tucker, William Arts- plastic arts- sculpture- 20th Century
Eskimo Art Burland, Cottie Arts- plastic arts- sculpture- Eskimo
Art of Michelangelo, The Harris, Nathaniel Arts- plastic arts- sculpture- Michelangelo
Georgia O'Keeffe s.n. Arts- painting & paintings- Georgia O'Keeffe
Indian Art in North America: Arts and Crafts Dockstader, Frederick J. Arts- fine & dec. arts- historical, geographic, persons
Old Musical Instruments Clemenicic, René
John O'Brien: 1831-1891 Laurette, Patrick Condon Arts- painting & paintings- John O'Brien
Ivan Eyre: Personal Mythologies, Images of the Milieu = Mythologies Personnelles, Les Images du Milieu Heath, Terrence Arts- painting & paintings- Ivan Eyre
William Blake: His Art and Times Bindman, David Arts- graphic arts- printmaking & prints- Blake, William
Marc Chagall: 1887-1985, Painting as Poetry Walther, Ingo F. & Rainer Metzger Arts- painting & paintings- Marc Chagall
Marc Chagall: The Jerusalem Windows Leymarie, Jean Arts- glass
Complete Guide to Creative Needlepoint Bucher, Jo Arts- textile arts- needlework and handwork
Embroidery in Minature Brown, Jean Arts- textile arts- needlework and handwork- embroidery