Jackie MacKay Library Collection

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Technology and the artist-craftsman Octagon Art Center Iowa
Persistence of Craft, The: The Applied Arts Today Greenhalgh, Paul (ed.)
Walter Ostrom Ostrom, Walter
Conversations with Artists Rodman, Selden
Book of Charms, The Villiers, Elizabeth
Symbols, Signs and Signets Lehner, Ernst
Book of Charms, The Villiers, Elizabeth
Edith Clayton's Market Basket: A Heritage of Splintwood Basketry in Nova Scotia Gordon, Joleen
Picasso: 75th anniversary exhibition Picasso, Pablo
American Barns & Covered Bridges Sloane, Eric
Illustrated Dictionary of Practical Pottery Fournier, Robert
Canadian Indian Art 74 Royal Ontario Museum
Pottery: Materials and Techniques Green, David
Blur: new work by Tashia Friesen & Kim Waldron Saint Mary's University Art Gallery
Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady, The Holden, Edith
Design in Scandinavia Scandinavian Design Societies
Illustrated Dictionary of Jewellery, An Mason, Anita
Bosh Bruegel and the Northern Renaissance Cahan, Claudia Lyn & Catherine Riley Arts- painting & paintings
Pre-Raphaelites, The Rose, Andrea Arts- painting & paintings
Fra Angelico Lloyd, Christopher Arts- painting & paintings- Angelico, Fra
Bruegel Roberts, Keith Arts- painting & paintings- Bruegel, Pieter
Constable Sunderland, John Arts- painting & paintings- Constable, John
Dutch Painting Brown, Christopher Arts- painting & paintings- Dutch
Frans Hals Wright, Christopher Arts- painting & paintings- Hals, Frans
Impressionism Taylor, John Russell Arts- painting & paintings- Impressionism
Lowry Spalding, Julian Arts- painting & paintings- Lowry, Laurence Stephen
Romance of the Taj Mahal Pratapaditya Pal Arts- architecture- buildings for religious purposes- Taj Mahal
Story of Architecture, The Glancey, Jonathan Arts- architecture- historical, geographic, persons
Prince, the Architects, and New Wave Monarchy, The Jencks, Charles Arts- architecture- historical, geographic, persons- House of Windsor- Prince of Wales
Rotonda, The Semenzato, Camillo Arts- architecture- residential & related buildings- Rotonda
Craft Perception and Practice Volume II Gustafson, Paula Arts- art Canadian- 20th century; handicraft Canada; art criticism Canada; art objects Canada
Traditional Beadwork McClelland, Eliza Arts- beadwork
Beautiful Beads Kidd, Alexandra Arts- beadwork
Beadweaving: New Needle Techniques & Original Designs Benson, Ann Arts- beadwork
World of Michelangelo, The: 1475-1564 Coughlan, Robert et al. Arts- Buonarroti, Michelangelo
Christo and Jeanne-Claude in the Vogel Collection Donovan, Molly Arts- Christo, Jeanne-Claude
Craftsman's Way, The: Canadian Expressions Flanders, John & Hart Massey Arts- decoartive arts- handicrafts- Canada
Jewelry and Accessory Designs, Yesterday and Today Arts- decorative arts
Earthly Paradise, The Lochnan, K.A., D.E. Schoenher & C. Silver Arts- decorative arts