Craft Nova Scotia - Organizational Review

Strengthening Craft Nova Scotia and Broadening its Impact
Craft Nova Scotia aiming to emerge stronger from COVID-19
Halifax, NS, December 16, 2021 ---
The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused much upheaval across the whole arts and culture sector in Nova Scotia and across Canada. Craft Nova Scotia had to close the physical Designer Craft Retail Shop, and we have been following public health mandates which have resulted in changes to our programs and services to members. We are grateful for the pandemic relief funding programs by the Governments of Canada and Nova Scotia to help us get through this period of uncertainty.
We recognize that we, like all arts organizations, must come to terms not only with the
impacts of COVID-19, but also with the social movements of our time. As we look
toward 2022, we are taking this opportunity to conduct an organizational and program
review through the lenses of Truth and Reconciliation as well as equity, diversity and
inclusion of people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.
Craft Nova Scotia will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its founding in 2023. While such
anniversaries are a valuable opportunity to look back on how far we have come, it is
important to carefully consider how we go forward into the future. This review process is
timely and is designed to build a new legacy of repairing relationships, creating an
inclusive organization with relevant programs for a diverse range of members and the
wider craft community.
We have engaged a third-party consultancy, Strategic Moves, to facilitate the research
and community engagement process over the next four months.
This initiative will include a review of our organizational structures, governance and
programming to identify and reduce systemic barriers to the full and equitable
participation of craft makers from across Nova Scotia’s diverse communities. In
addition, Strategic Moves will prepare a review of external trends, challenges and
opportunities, including how the arts sector at large is working toward recovery and
resiliency, the digital transformation of society and trends in retail.
Members and the public will be invited and have the opportunity to participate in this
work through roundtable conversations via Zoom meetings and an online survey.
“Craft Nova Scotia is a membership-based arts service organization that relies on the
active participation of its current members as well as the wider craft community to help
shape the next phase in our evolution. A sub-committee of Craft Nova Scotia’s Board of
Directors is acting as “process stewards” to ensure this work reaches out to and
engages the full diversity of the craft community and to support the independent
consultant’s work. From the outset, the voice of members and the wider craft community
will be pivotal to shaping the outcomes of this initiative.” Deborah Wheeler, President,
Board of Directors, Craft Nova Scotia
Information and updates about this work, and the opportunities to participate during the early part of 2022, is available at