Ernest Cadegan

Visual Arts
1943 Saxon St, RRl
Port Williams NS BOP lTO


It’s a rare day that photographer Ernest Cadegan does not click the shutter and make at least one image. His habit is to carry his camera almost everywhere he goes and to photograph things that catch his eye along the way.

Ernest creates everyday scenes in a way that can elicit an emotional response from viewers who often describe his work as evocative. He generally favours simple compositions that strip away all non-essential elements and reduce scenes to their core elements. He seeks to convey the essence of the moment captured. The universal themes of his images appeal to a wide range of people whether they be young or old, rich or old, local or from some distant place.

Although a photographer, Ernest does not strive to create photographs that are a precise documentation of the moments perceived and captured. Rather, his images are interpretations of those moments and as such they are never highly photographic.

Indeed, through the simplicity of his compositions, the methods he uses to process his images and the media on which he prints, he seeks to undermine their appearance as photographs. The prints he produces are often described as painterly.

Ernest uses only the highest Quality of materials for his prints. He utilizes all archival material and the prints produced should last for generations.

His work can be found in fine gift shops and galleries in Nova Scotia, Ontario and New England.