Member Portfolios

Craft Nova Scotia represents over three hundred individual artisans. The galleries linked from this page feature the work of some of these members. Full contact information is available for each artist as well as a link to their website, if applicable.

Alexandra McCurdy

Halifax, NS
Clay Fibre Visual Arts


Alexandra McCurdy, ceramist/printmaker/independent curator works in porcelain making highly decorative, one-of-a-kind, colourful pieces, informed by her long-standing interest in textiles. Her conceptual work is both personal and accessible, highlighting women's symbols and icons. She has lately branched into prints on paper, using women's clothing as plates.

Damian Lidgard

Halifax, NS
Visual Arts


Damian Lidgard was born in England in 1969. His interest in nature photography began in 1990 after he graduated from university with a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology.

Damian believes that a good photograph comes from the eye and not the camera, so he has used his zoological training and experience to teach himself to quietly observe and photograph nature and people. In 2006, Damian developed his observational skills through studying Miksang contemplative photography, a meditative art form that has transformed his view of the world.

Dawn MacNutt

New Glasgow, NS
Fibre Visual Arts


Dawn creates interlaced sculpture from natural materials such as willow, honeysuckle, wisteria, grapevine.... sometimes, cast into bronze... sometimes painted or patinated... occasionally ‘in situ’ from living willow. Almost always they are inspired by the human form, abstracted to invite individual interpretation.

She recently moved to Little Harbour, Pictou County, where her ‘new’ studio is a 170 year-old house on her husband's property. In restoring the house as a studio, they made the discovery that the house had been built by Dawn's great-great-great-grandfather!

Denise Jeffrey

Mineville, NS


Denise is a studio potter working in porcelain clay who is inspired by patterns and forms found in nature. Her distinctive pieces are composed of elements, which may be hand-built, slab-formed or ‘thrown’ on a potter’s wheel. carving is often used as decoration. All items are bathed in multiple glazes and fired to temperatures of approximately 1,225 degrees Celsius. These creative processes combine to leave each piece with a unique signature.

Dorothée Rosen

Halifax, NS


Jewellery with European design sensibility, created here in Nova Scotia!

Dorothée was born in Germany and immigrated to Canada in 1989 at the age of 19. In 2005, she graduated from NSCAD University with a major in jewellery design and metalsmithing, and a minor in art history (focus craft). Recipient of various awards and scholarships, Dorothée showed outstanding achievements in her studies at NSCAD, and continues to participate in exhibitions in Canada and the US.

Elizabeth Goluch

Halifax, NS


Elizabeth Goluch is a metalsmith. She is becoming internationally known for her unique, highly detailed metal insects, made from gold, silver, copper, and gemstones. Each of her larger than life sculptures contains treasure in a hidden cavity.

Ernest Cadegan

Port Williams, NS
Visual Arts


It’s a rare day that photographer Ernest Cadegan does not click the shutter and make at least one image. His habit is to carry his camera almost everywhere he goes and to photograph things that catch his eye along the way.

Flo Greig, Greig Pottery

Gagetown, NB


Flo Greig has been involved in the arts since night school painting classes in Grade 4. Born in Sydney, NS, she attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax and with a BFA moved to New Brunswick as an art specialist, teaching pottery in the schools.

Steven Kennard

Canning, NS


Steven began making custom furniture and restoring antiques in Suffolk, England. He started woodturning in 1979, in order to provide himself with the components he needed in this business. He is largely self-taught.

Since the 1980’s he has been called upon to do architectural turnings for new buildings and the restoration of historical properties.