2 days ago

Climate Sustainability & the Craft Community

This presentation will focus on climate change and sustainability specifically in relation to the craft community and its various mediums/practices. In addition, it will provide a preview of the work CCTH is doing to plan for climate change and its impacts on culture. All are welcome to attend.

Designer Craft Shop

Craft Nova Scotia is pleased to relaunch our Designer Craft Shop, now offering a virtual collection of works by our juried members!

Life's Work

Life’s Work introduces viewers to six of Nova Scotia’s master craftspeople. Through these videos we get to visit them in their studios, and learn a little about their lives and what inspires their creativity.

The Centre for Craft Nova Scotia is comprised of several parts: the Mary E Black Gallery, Courses, Studios, and Residencies. We use these parts as tools to help promote Nova Scotian crafts people’s careers. The Mary E Black Gallery allows the opportunity to exhibit new craft, and the Courses and Residencies we offer in our Studios offer a chance to learn real skills to make.