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A Laggan Glainne Experience in Fused Glass

Kinnon Sutherland

Beadelicious Wearable Art

Kate Clark

BeldamCats Studio

Susan Pfeiffer
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Calido Art Glass

Susan Otto-Bain

Carma's Glass

Carma Smith

FORGED-IN-FIRE Handcrafted Glass

Paul Bingham

Fused Glass Diva

Lori A Nason

Image Enterprises Inc. (Image Glass Art)

Colette Samson

Jessie Tesolin

Lawrencetown Glass

Allison Ferris

Margaret Millar

Metal Glass Media

Brent Harding

Philip Doucette Studio

Philip Doucette

Point of View Glass

Katrina Doucette

Rose Window Stained Glass

Lynette Richards

Shaped By The Sea

Vicki Gillis & Michael Waram

Sunstruck Stained Glass

Tania DesRoches

The Universal Foundation for the Creative Heart

Ross Sinclaire

Urban Fusions

Jennifer Blair

Wessex Art Glass

Erica Brett