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Juried Juried
Master Artisan Master Artisan


Adrienne Dean Knotty Lemon Designs     Website
Al Hattie Redneck Craft Creations Juried   Website
Alexandra McCurdy Alexandra McCurdy Ceramics Juried Master Artisan Website
Alexis Vessey Alexis Ceramic Studio Juried   Website
Alicia Debreceni Sunshine and Marigold Handmade Heirloom Dolls Juried   Website
Alissa Kloet Keephouse Studio Juried   Website
Allan Simm Avon River Metalworks Juried   Website
Allyson Simmie Allyson Simmie Metal Arts Juried   Website
Allen Comeau   Juried   Website
Alvah d'Entremont Carved by the Sea Juried   Website
Alyson Brown Legacy Lane Fiber Mill Juried   Website
Amanda Brooks One Crafty Mi'kmaq      
Andre Ducharme Ducharme Artistic Wood Turning Juried    
Andrea Pumphrey        
Andrea Puszkar Union Street Pottery     Website
Andrea Saint-Pierre ASP Textiles Juried   Website
Andrea Tsang Jackson 3rd Story Workshop Juried   Website
Andrii Gaidash Dodo Leather Goods Juried   Website
Ann Perry McCosker Ann Perry Fine Jewellery Juried   Website
Anna Robaczewski Winkleworks Juried   Website
Anne Bastedo Serenity Images Juried   Website
April MacKinnon Anointment Natural Skin Care Inc. Juried   Website
Arezoo Zomorodijou        
Athanasia Vayianou   Juried   Website
  Avondale Sky Winery Juried   Website
Ayelet Stewart Ay-Designs Juried   Website
  Barreling Tide Distillery Juried   Website
Belinda Muller Belinda Muller Photography Juried   Website
Berkeley Brown Berkeley Brown Jewellery Juried   Website
Bernard Long Atelier Pierre de Lune Juried   Website
Beverley McInnes   Juried Master Artisan  
Beverley McClare Tangled Garden Herbs Juried   Website
Bob Campbell Campbell Studios Juried Master Artisan Website
Bonnie Baker       Website
Brad Hall Brad Hall Forge Juried   Website
Bradley Wiseman Bradley Wiseman Ceramic Artist     Website
Brian Morris West Wind Studios      
Bryan LeBlanc Vegabond Drums     Website
candice j prior Priorart Juried    
Cara Sawka Ditch Flower Gallery     Website
Carol Morrison Carol's Fine Art Juried   Website
Carol Morrow   Juried    
Carol Harvey-Clark Spruce Top Rug Hooking Studio Juried    
Carol Smeraldo One Off Studio Juried Master Artisan Website
Carolyn Crewe Duckish Natural Skin Care Juried   Website
Catherine Beck Catherine Beck Jewellery Design Juried   Website
Charlie Wi The Artisans      
Cheryl Hassen This is Nova Scotia Too / Spirit Speak Juried   Website
Chris Rogers Strata Art Studios Juried   Website
Christopher Harding Harding Studios Juried   Website
Christopher Jette and Shelley Beckett-Jette Inferno by Canoe Cove Juried   Website
Clare Bridge Clare Bridge Jewelry Juried   Website
Claude Roussel   Juried   Website
  Co-Adron Art Jewellery Society Juried   Website
Colette Samson Image Glass Juried   Website
Colin Perras Perras Jewellery Design Juried   Website
  Compass Distillers Juried   Website
Corrina Cormier Playhouse Wood      
Courtney Smith Victoria County Creates     Website
Curtis Dionne Glass Roots Inc. Juried   Website
  Customs House Artisan Incubator Juried   Website
Damian C. Lidgard Lidgard Photography Juried   Website
Darrell Eisner Scotian Pens Juried   Website
David Amos David Amos Woodworks Juried   Website
David Christoffel Amos Pewter Juried   Website
David and Peter MacLean MacLean Bros Woodworking Juried   Website
Dawn MacNutt Weaver/Sculptor Juried Master Artisan Website
Dawn Silver Encore Jewellery Juried   Website
Dean and Carma Smith Carma's Glass Juried   Website
Deborah Jenkins Antigonish Bag Company Juried   Website
Deborah Wheeler Ostrea Lake Pottery Juried   Website
Debra Kuzyk and Ray Mackie Lucky Rabbit and Compay Juried Master Artisan Website
Denise Aspinall Aspinall Pottery Juried    
Denise Lynch Martin Ceramic Juried   Website
Denise Uebele Philomena - Fashion Art     Website
Dominic Watson Wall Oxherder      
Don Bell Donald Bell Goldsmith Juried Master Artisan Website
Don Moore Tides Turning Juried Master Artisan  
Donald Rice Wild Rice Pottery Juried   Website
Donn Sabean Donn Sabean Designer Juried   Website
Donna and Steve Hopper Ashwurks Inc. Juried   Website
Dorothée B. Rosen Dorothée Rosen Designer Goldsmith Juried Master Artisan Website
Edna Del Zoppo Grey Seal Weaving Studio Juried    
Eileen Manzuk Eileen's Knitting and Felting Juried   Website
Elizabeth Goluch Elizabeth Goluch Metalsmith Juried Master Artisan Website
Elizabeth Miller Good Fibrations Juried   Website
Ellen Murphy Mule Mother Books Juried   Website
Ellie and Steven Kennard   Juried Master Artisan Website
Emily Blair Wareham Emily Blair Design Juried   Website
Emily McCumber The Spinner Weaver Juried   Website
Emma Piirtoniemi   Juried   Website
Ernest G.Cadegan Ernest Capital Corporation Ltd. Juried   Website
Felicia Knock Felicia Knock - Fibre Artist Juried   Website
Flo Greig Greig Pottery Ltd. Juried   Website
Florence Margeson        
Frances Arrunda Firing Point Pottery     Website
Frances Dorsey       Website
Frances Nowakowski Loom Lake Designs     Website
Gabrielle Rensch Cheviot Sweaters Juried    
Gary Fewelling   Juried    
Ghita Levin   Juried   Website
Gina Etra Stick   Juried   Website
  Glenora Distillers International Ltd. Juried   Website
Gloria A. Drysdale Gloria Drysdale Design Juried    
Gordon Marshall   Juried   Website
Gudi Pach TerraBijou Juried   Website
Hans Durstling   Juried    
Heather MacAlpine Crafted Images Pottery Juried   Website
Henriette Maier   Juried   Website
Hilda de Weever de Weever's Wovens Juried   Website
Ian Whitehead Ian Whitehead Stone Juried   Website
Ilga Leja Ilga Leja Handknit Design     Website
  Ironworks Distillery Juried   Website
Jacqueline Steudler JST Art and Therapy Juried   Website
James Brown Steady Brook Saddlery Juried   Website
Jamie Hartling Leathersmith Designs Inc.     Website
Jamie Brown Jamie Brown Designs Juried   Website
Jan Coulter Jan Coulter Furniture Maker Juried   Website
Jane Mason-Browne Peachtree and Finch Graphic Design Juried    
Jane Whitten Jane Meredith Whitten Basketry and Knitting Juried   Website
Janet Cameron Janet Cameron Handwoven Textiles Juried   Website
Jay LeBlanc Eclosion Juried   Website
Jeffrey J. Cowling Jeffrey Cowling and Associates     Website
Jennifer DeCoste LifeSchoolHouse Cooperative     Website
Jennifer Houghtaling Earth & Vine Studio     Website
Jennifer Hunter Hunter Street Silver Juried   Website
Jennifer Marlow Jennifer Marlow Woodcarving Juried   Website
Jessica Doyle Doyle & Day Design Juried   Website
Jessie Tessolin   Juried   Website
Jill Franklin Jill's Chocolates Juried   Website
Jim Edsall Wildfowl, Scultpure in Wood Juried Master Artisan Website
Jim Smith Jim Smith ~ Fine Studio Pottery Juried Master Artisan Website
Joan Bruneau Nova Terra Cotta Juried   Website
Joan Langevin Levack Berwick Weaving Company     Website
John Caraberis and Bonnie Bond Basic Spirit Juried   Website
John Downie   Juried   Website
John C. Roberts Leather Works Juried Master Artisan Website
John Rogers The Art Forge      
Joleen Gordon   Juried Master Artisan  
Jolene Sing Scent and Sensibility Inc. Juried   Website
Jonathan Corey Masterworks Jewellery by Jonathan Corey Juried   Website
Judy Cooper Judy Cooper Textile Artist Juried   Website
Julie Fournier Ju et Les imparfaits Juried   Website
Julie Rosvall Shipton Designs Juried   Website
K. Claire MacDonald K. Claire MacDonald Jewellery Design and Sculpture Juried   Website
Kaori Sho Kaori Sho Jade Jewellery Juried   Website
Kaas Ghanie KG Ceramics Juried   Website
Karen Robinson Robinson Clay Studio      
Karen Leblanc Loominations     Website
Karen Mackenzie        
Kas Stone Kas Stone Photographic Art Juried   Website
Kate Church       Website
Kate McKenna Kate McKenna Design Juried   Website
Katrina Doucette Point of View Glass Juried   Website
Katrina Isbill-Floyd Bella McBride Designs / McBride House Juried   Website
Katy Hayes        
Kay Stanfield Kay Stanfield Artworks     Website
Kenneth John Mason K. John Mason's Ironworks Juried   Website
Keri Locheed Locheed Ceramics      
Kiersten Campbell Holden-Ada Fervour's Own Jewellery     Website
Kim Aerts   Juried   Website
Kinnon Sutherland A Laggan Glannie Experience in Fused Glass     Website
Kirstie Foerster       Website
Kye-Yeon Son   Juried Master Artisan Website
Laura Ballem Laura Ballem Rug Hooking Juried    
Laura Kenney   Juried   Website
Laura Lavender Laura Lavender Calligrapyhy & Illustration     Website
Laurie Pitcher Sealskin Treasures Juried   Website
Laurie Mireau MireauArt Juried    
Leonard Landry Landry's Birdseye Bowls Juried    
Lesley Armstrong Armstrong Textiles Juried   Website
Leticia Smilie ReHeat Juried   Website
Linda Mackie-Finley        
Linda H. Y. Hegland Seeking Souls Photography     Website
Linda Inge Tremblay        
Liz Brownrigg Gypsy Potter Studios      
Liza Hageraats   Juried   Website
Lori MacDonald Waterhed Wood Designs Juried   Website
Lori Nason Fused Glass Diva Juried   Website
Lorraine Pike Sable Short Bread Juried   Website
Louise Pentz Pentz Pottery and Gallery Juried   Website
Lynda Constantine Constantine Designs Juried   Website
Lynda MacDonald Harvest Gallery     Website
Lynette Richards Rose Window Stained Glass Juried Master Artisan Website
Lynn Rotin Harvest Gallery Juried   Website
Lynne Pascoe & Lester Wood Sheep's Clothing Inc. Juried   Website
  Metal Arts Guild of Nova Scotia Juried   Website
Marcia Poirier Wildabout Wampum Juried   Website
Margot Metcalfe Margot Metcalfe Photographer Juried   Website
Marguerite Tremblay Karuna Rose Juried    
Marianne Brown Marianne Brown Jewellery     Website
Marilyn Preus Silk Journey Juried   Website
Marilyn Smulders Ellemeno Juried   Website
Marla Benton Marla Benton - Clay Artist Juried   Website
Marlien Suermondt   Juried    
Mary Jane Lundy Crescent Clay Juried Master Artisan Website
Mecheline Breton        
Megan Billings Megan Billings Pottery Juried   Website
Megan MacKinley MacKinley Ceramics Juried   Website
Megan Archer Aflame Creations Jewellery Juried   Website
Melanie Fontaine Meversible Juried   Website
Meryl Cook   Juried   Website
Michael Morris Morris Pottery Studio / Sign of the Whale Juried   Website
Mieke Martin-Soontiens   Juried    
Mindy Moore   Juried   Website
Monica Rojo Eclectic Designs by Monica     Website
Murray Gibson   Juried Master Artisan  
Nan Millette        
Nancy Allen SNAZ Designs Juried   Website
Nancy Price Nancy Price Design Studio Juried    
Nancy Boyne Nancy Boyne Handwoven Designs Juried    
Nancy Stevens       Website
Orland Larson        
Pamela Feindel Pamela Feindel Designs     Website
Pamela Matheson Esme Original Jackets Juried   Website
Pamela Ritchie   Juried Master Artisan Website
Pascale Faubert pascale faubert creations textiles Juried   Website
Patricia Hirschkorn Trish Raine Juried   Website
Patrick McWade        
Patty Chasse   Juried    
Paul Kelley Advent Art Inc. / CHILD AT HEART     Website
Paula MacDonald Amicus Gallery Juried   Website
  Petite Riviere Vineyards Juried   Website
Penny Lighhall Penny Lighthall Textile Artist     Website
Peter Bauer and Sandra Kay Peter Bauer Jewellery Juried Master Artisan Website
Peter Lawrence Peter Lawrence designs Juried    
  Petite Riviere Vineyards Juried   Website
Philip Doucette Philip Doucette Studio Juried Master Artisan Website
Philip Hermann and Isako Suzuki Hermann Suzuki Pottery Juried   Website
Rachel Blair-Johns Ment Jewellery Juried   Website
Rachel Anne MacGillivray Rachel Mac Textiles     Website
Rachel Morouney Hidden House Pottery Juried   Website
Rachel Yellin        
Rachelle Paul Glass House Studios     Website
Ralph Simpson Ralph Simpson Wood Fibre Artist Juried   Website
Randy Mugford   Juried   Website
Ray Syvitski The Toy Maker of lunenburg Juried   Website
Rebecca Park Wullyz Inc / EVR Leather Juried   Website
Rick Silas Silastial Glass Art     Website
Robert Hawke Hawke Originals: Jewellery Juried   Website
Robin Jones Robin Jones Original Water Colours Juried   Website
Robin Metcalfe   Juried   Website
Rosemary Metz   Juried   Website
Rosi Robinson Rosi Robinson Batik Juried   Website
Sabine Wieczorek Sabine Wieczorek Hats and Highland Cows Juried    
Sally Ravindra Purcell's Cove Pottery Juried    
Sandy Leim Dover Beach photographic Art Juried    
Sandy MacIntosh SandyMac Images Juried   Website
Sanna Rahola and Douglas Drdul Rahola Drdul Fine Art in Fibre and Wood Juried   Website
Sharon McNamara and Paul Palango Kiln Art Juried   Website
Shauna MacLeod Black Crow Pottery Juried   Website
Shelbey Dodds   Juried   Website
Sohpie Sowse Sophiori Jewelry Juried   Website
Sherry White Urn Song Pottery Juried   Website
Stace Bleish Nature Scenes     Website
Stacey Cornelius        
Steven Zwerling Stephen Zwerling, Woodturner Juried   Website
  Still Fired Distilleries Juried   Website
Stuart L. Taylor Stuart L. Taylor, Woodturner Juried   Website
Susanne Babineau La P'tite Poterie Juried   Website
Susan Corbin ART Collage Juried    
Susan Daniels Anther & Apiary Juried   Website
Svilen Petrov   Juried   Website
Tabitha Co TABITHA + CO™ Juried   Website
Tania DesRoches Sunstruck Stained Glass Juried   Website
Ted Coldwell   Juried   Website
Thea Crawford Leave Your Hat On Juried   Website
Theofani Pitsiavas Mulberry Furniture Lab      
Therese Harvey        
Tori Poynton Tori - xo Juried   Website
Trudy Gallagher and Sandra Tremblay Art Jewel Designs by Gallagher & Tremblay Juried   Website
Vaughan Smith and Jackie Cohen Westcote Bell Pottery Juried   Website
Violeta Izquierdo   Juried   Website
Virginia Stephen   Juried   Website
Wendy Landry Studio Kirameki Juried Master Artisan  
Wendy Shirran Wendy Shirran Clay Arts & Education Juried   Website
Wendy Smith Glass Artisans Studio & Gallery Ltd.     Website
Will Cooper   Juried   Website
Willo Treschow        
Wilma Butts Arahi - art to wear Juried   Website
Yuliya Ursatiy   Juried    
Zalman Amit Zalman Amit Wood Creations     Website